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Coach Sirius

Certified Conversation Coach

It is common to feel confused, anxious or resigned at times, both in your personal and professional life.

Are you at a crossroads, want to solve a dilemma or need to discuss your thoughts and concerns with someone who really listens to you?

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About me

Coach Sirius

Hi, my name is Karin. I am the coach of Sirius. I am interested in my fellow human beings and I get energy from being in places where people move and in cultural contexts. I find a balancing energy in nature, stillness and silence.

As a coach, I work to ensure that you as a client feel safe, affirmed and clearly but respectfully guided to your own goal.

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Conversation with me

The following is offered in the coaching conversation with me

Supportive conversation without judgment, evaluation or judgement. The starting point is what you bring to the conversation and the focus is set on the goal you choose for the conversation. Encouragement and support to find and implement what you need most now. A safe space where you can talk about anything without apologies, guilt, shame or self-deprecation.

During the conversation I will guide you to your goal using established coaching methods.

This is my promise to my clients

The time you have with me is entirely YOURs. You sit at the wheel, facing forward towards your chosen destination, with small mirrors and a large windscreen and a good map reader at your side. I am sworn to secrecy, which means that anything you bring up with me stays with me. You are free to bring up just about anything; no topic is too small and no topic is too big. You will come to a solution within the time of the interview, or have a plan for how to move forward, either on your own or with continued support.


Vow of silence – what we talk about stays between us


Supportive conversations without a judgmental, evaluative or judgmental attitude


Safe room


This is your time


Big topic, small topic – everything is okay.

Why Coach Sirius?

Why have I chosen to call myself Coach Sirius? – Well, you have to be called something and Coach Karin was busy… After thinking long and hard, I came up with the name Stars. I chose SIRIUS because it is the brightest star and the one that is most visible just before dawn, when it is darkest, when we really need a guiding light to shine for us. ”Heart on it”. In addition, it is part of the so-called Dog Star and I like dogs, all dogs, have actually never met a dog I did not like so; Sirius had to be. (Though I like cats too and cows, pigs, chickens, elephants, you name it, I like them all)